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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion


Advancing ED&I in leadership teams.

Azura Search is committed to advancing Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I) in leadership teams to redefine CFO and board appointments. It is well-established that ED&I is crucial to business success and companies with diverse workforces often outperform their competition.

By actively collaborating with our clients, we understand their diversity and inclusion objectives, allowing us to run inclusive processes with the goal of increasing representation of under-represented and under-resourced groups in senior leadership roles.

Supporting our clients

Azura Search are committed to challenging traditional methods of executive search and interim management, fostering innovative and inclusive processes to deliver high-calibre placements. Our ED&I capabilities include but are not limited to:

Talent Mapping & Pipelining
  • Women in Finance talent pipeline: we support clients to pipeline next-generation female talent driving equality of gender across senior finance teams.
  • Talent Mapping: we work with clients to proactively talent map against key positions within their organisation with the aim of increasing diversity.
  • Networking: We believe in the power of relationships. We facilitate networking opportunities and proactive introductions for talented executives of all genders, nationalities, racial and ethnic origins and LGBTQIA+ identities.
Search Process

We aim to ensure all of our job specifications, candidate packs and advertising is inclusive. We can can advertise across a wide array of platforms to ensure candidates from diverse backgrounds are actively encouraged to apply.
Competency skill grading: we assess all candidates on competency and soft skills rather than focusing on traditional metrics that could discriminate. This is a useful tool to ensure that diversity of thought and background is achieved at application, shortlist and placement. By measuring skills and capabilities rather than simply CV experience, we can identify high performers.

ED&I Board Advisory

We use our network of executive and non-executive advisors to offer advisory services to clients specifically focused on helping them achieve ED&I goals. These are tailored to solve specific issues or focus on important criteria according to the client’s need.


Equal opportunities

Fairness is crucial to building the workforce of the future. There’s no place for discrimination in recruitment and we believe all candidates should be treated equally and without prejudice.


Driving internal ED&I at Azura Search

We are committed to ED&I internally. This plays a key part in building our own teams. We assess our internal hires against an inclusive and accessible set of criteria. We focus on attitude, skills, and potential, also gauging candidate’s ability to bring new ideas to the fore. We believe this leads to success in executive search and leadership development.

The Azura Search leadership team are heavily involved in our parent company’s ED&I Committee. Two of our Partners, Sian Penwarden & James Harold sit on Altum Group’s ED&I committee helping to define and deliver our group-wide strategy.

what our people say about us

My journey with the business has been fun whilst also giving me the progression and challenge I desire. I have developed a strong skill set that allows me to deliver effectively at a senior level whilst also being supported by the Partners.

During my time at Azura Search, I have felt supported and fulfilled in my role. The team and Partners enable me to feel challenged and rewarded alongside a clear direction for my career progression. As a team, we truly are collaborative and work with incredible clients.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time so far at Azura Search. The inclusive and professional environment of the business, coupled with the excellent Senior Management team has helped me develop a strong skillset that allows me to deliver great results.

I had been aware of Azura’s presence as an innovative and agile search firm for some time. Since joining, I have relished Azura’s highly collaborative environment and fast paced approach that is clearly resonating with our growing portfolio of clients seeking a new generation of search partner. I’m fortunate to be part of a team with proactive research associates, client focussed delivery consultants coupled with over 80 years’ combined search experience and networks across Azura’s partner-led team.

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